About me

0u4a3485Hi   everyone,

Thank you for dropping by. I  hope you will find here, amazing  content that will  shine a spot light  on issues  that  you  are dealing with now and how   we can forge ahead to greater heights of achievement.For all of  us  are  excellent  and have great  potential .That is  my personal  opinion about the matter. Having  said that ,I think  it  will  be interesting  if I   tell you  more about myself.

My  name is  Thomas .A Kenyan by nationality, I  work   and live  in Nairobi.

I am  passionate  about  addressing issues in our  communities, by challenging   folk traditions  that make pronouncements without a shred of evidence. Apart from  the   word of God, all  my  prosecution  and interrogation of  issues   is  and will be  based on fact  and  deduction only.

I submit ,I shall make a small contribution   in the  fight against burdensome and retrogressive  ignorance,  lies and  half-truths that  has for  long time  have been  handled  with kid gloves  in so many circles.And  by the same breath  I shall mention that I  abhor bias and prejudice in any  form or shape.

I  love  watching  Football  and   Movies. Also  I  love to  learn   new subjects and read biographies.

Lastly, if ever I  say  something  that captures  your interest, please  get involved  within this  site. I love  feedback. Also if you  have  ideas you would like to  share,you  are  welcome to  speak up.

Thank  you  and come again!


Thomas Omar.

Author and founder of newspeakthone.


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