Resolve to do your best in 2017.

As a commuter  on Thika road  I  have  learned the hard way  how the unexpected  buildup  of jam can be the cause of  a bad  impression  you can make with people expecting you to arrive on time  at an important engagement. Aware  of this  fact  I  was  rushing to  board  a  bus when I  heard someone call out  my name and  turned  to  investigate .The  explanation was  one   Mr. Rex ,  a friend who was seated  next  to  driver in a Thika city  bound  Nissan. The  Nissan was almost full and was  rearing to  speed off .I  changed  direction   and  moved toward the PSV in order  to  say  hello  to  my  friend .It  was  relatively long time since we last saw each other.
Thika road super highway
After  a few  pleasantries the guy  asked  me  for the umpteenth time  where I  lived. I  told  him  I had  not changed  my  residence .Then he asked   for my  I  cell phone number, explaining that with my number  a few click away he  could easily call    and drop  by  my  house for   a courtesy  visit.  Which  surprised me because  a few  weeks earlier  that month I  had given him my number  for the second  time in recent memory. I  pulled  my phone from the  pocket  and ‘flashed’  him while  he  was waiting  for me  to dictate  the number  to him.
When he saw his phone buzz the dude inquired if I was the one calling and I answered in the affirmative. To which   he expressed surprise, saying he had saved the number under one Halkano. What? I  wanted to  rebuke him but mustering my annoyance  ,I  smiled  and  I bid him  good day   . But  wait… the whole esopide  left  wondering  , whether  the Engineer had  any sense  of  order  and organization in his personal   affairs or  he was playing  some nefarious game  I  would hate to  learn about. Why stop me and waste time by   talking nonsense. Can’t he at least think beyond his nose and engage people in some meaningful tete at tete.
 Like many of us, he was not doing his best. We  all  can be  better  by  being  organized, aiming higher, and  being  prepared  to go the extra mile to  get  great results  in all  our  endeavor. We should take great pains in our drive to get the best out of ourselves.
It’s    possible no one has mentioned this to you, but you are called to realize your full potential in this life. You cannot allow your circumstance to stop you from reaching your goals.  Put in proper perspective your problem(s) is really a solution waiting to be discovered. It may cost you great effort and time but in latter recollections you find it was worth its value in gold. Nelson  Mandela  said “ if  I would  not have gone to  prison, I would not have  been able to  do  that which  most  difficult- change   yourself”. See, he used his problem to grow, rising to be one of great sons of Africa. Why not follow his example? Please do because even if you do not measure to his level of success your life trajectory will be much better. In short be like what   the legendary US basketball Coach John wooden said, “Perform at your best when your best is required. Your best is required each day”.

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