Amazing-Top 10 importers of Kenyan Coffee

Kenya produces a lot coffee but it is rarely consumed locally. In fact Kenyan prefer to drink Tea and beer. This  scenario  prompted  me  to  ask  who was  consuming  all this  Kenyan  coffee. To resolve the question I obtained Commodity trade flow data from UN comm Trade data base. After a few previews, I got hold of Kenya coffee export data for the year 2013.

Following  the download and  analysis , I  can report  the results  are  in!(see  below table)

Country  Trade value in(US$)
1 Germany            38,893,766.00
2 Belgium            32,554,437.00
3 USA            29,782,017.00
4 Sweden            19,239,259.00
5 Finland              9,208,581.00
6 Norway              5,879,540.00
7 Rep. of Korea              5,137,827.00
8 India              4,807,809.00
9 Australia              4,331,983.00
10 Canada              3,915,902.00
Grand Total(US$)                 153,751,121.00
Grand Total(Kshs           15,682,614,342.00


Kenya export coffee  to  65  countries  around  the world .The   top  three  importers  of this coffee  are  Germany,Belguim and  United States of America(USA).The top  ten biggest  importers  are  on  table shown above  earning  Kenya a whopping 15.68 billion Kenyan shillings in 2013.



There is a large market for Kenyan coffee that the   government   should facilitate to exploit. For example we sell small amount of coffee to China and Nigeria. This can and   should be increased. Also  the   government  should  explore  market  where  Kenya  coffee  does  not reach like   Russia and  Latin America

Lastly  the  government  should  indirectly  encourage  Kenyan to  Drink  coffee  produce  locally. And  did  I mention value  addition- no ?, then I  should categorically  say  here  that the  government (a.k,a GOK) should offer a  5 years tax holiday   for  entrepreneurs  who  invest  that kind of enterprises.

For full data used and analysis please click here…Top 10 importers of kenya coffee.


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