Revealed: How to earn or lose honor for yourself.

It  is  said  that  leadership is the  good example  you  set  for  others to  follow. But because People have free will and see apparently more than one route to fame and honor ,they  make  life long  decisions   that  are at variance  with  what  the  nation  may need  to  function well.
Some people   live  for themselves   .To  live  for  yourself  encourage  vices  because  it  mean you  want  everything  for  yourself but barely give anything back  to the society . It  also  encourage  stupid  behavior  like  that man at bus station  fighting to be the first  to  bode a commuter bus but   after  all are seated  there  still vacant seats in the bus.  And lastly it   fuels greed that you see in   leader x in your neighborhood    who is addicted to bribes, grabs land and evades paying tax.
In short people who solely live for themselves are responsible for the vicious circle of corruption, fraud, betrayal and deceit in our midst.  They may amass a fortune but soon or later have to come to terms with fact that they have accomplished nothing and are not happy. They think they are heroes but in reality they are Zero because they lose all honor. To paraphrase C S Lewis, you cannot attain your heart of hearts desire through the back door of   vices. Yes it’s like a person who eats diner, but is not satisfied and to your   surprise   remains hungry. And there is nothing he can do able it.
To pursue duty to others   mean taking the tough rugged path that require you to earn your station in life. It means you make honest and concrete contribution to the nation and in the process grow and achieved your goals. This  calls  to mind  that   young   entrepreneur  who has entrenched   order  in  her   life and  prioritized  things  like financial freedom  , continuous  self-education,  networking,  Marriage,  time visa vi  energy management and ,praying   and  so on .Then more importantly  she ensures  what  is  prioritized is  followed through  religiously.
Financial freedom is prioritized   because she wants her passive income to be greater than her expenses. If this  is achieved , she can choose  to  work  or  not  to work without  losing  sleep about how  to pay  her   next  month’s bills. The goal here is to be wealthy not a middle class with a lot of liabilities.
Continuous self-education come with power of knowledge which means she is ready and able   at any time to exploit leadership, business, career and investment opportunities. The society is well served with well-informed inhabitants such this lady.
Networking simply mean being   able to overlook injury when your colleagues step on your toes. However they are ware you are inflexible about matters integrity and quality of    outcomes in any endeavor you pursue. This approach is enough to earn you lifelong friends you can come to depend on to advance   your career or business in life.
The  way  to  stay  married    is  tied  to  financial  freedom  because  people  do  not  eat  Love. Once the man  know that  and  is  working  on it, he  should  most of  the time keep  his mouth shut and  wallet open. Yes, keep the wallet   open; but make sure that   expenses do not overshoot   income streams. If  this prospect  is  impossible, at least   show  that you  understand what  we  are talking about .And so once in a blue moon  live it out  with your  spouse.
The way to use your time well   is manage your energy levels. If  you  are fresh  and  full of energy  you are  bound  to  be more effective at  your  work. So plan the 24 hour you have each day but plan also to show up full of energy. If you are effective, your contribution will have the desired impact in the nation small as it may look to you.
Lastly you got to prioritize prayer in your life. This will equip you with necessary strength to go through tough challenges you will face as you walk toward your goal. And because  of this  strength  you will be  able   to overcome adversity and  great odds  to  achieve  great  things. Again prayer will shield   you from moral corruption. Unlike some people who are waiting for a chance  to  commit a crime ,you  become  a source of support  to  fellow compatriots  to  achieve their  goals.
All  these  things are  hard to  implement but once  you start  the  journey  ,the momentum you pick up on the way  will make them easy  and  routine.  The reward for the effort is   honor in your social circles. You will have real power without holding any position of leadership in the nation. But  above all  you will  have a happy life and  will look back at  your life  with  satisfaction with  when you hang  your  boots.



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