Three things you need to un-learn


Can lack of trust between the people and their leaders   be referred to as sickness?   .  Of course yes, in as much as it not the natural order of things. Is this a common thing today?  What a question!! ,are you the only  stranger  in Jerusalem   who  has  not  heard of   the  things  that have   happened  in  UK  , USA and  Italy  in the last  few  months. The  malady  that  has   been   endemic in Africa is now  showing  its    head  in Europe  and  America after  a long  absence.

Sometimes things are beyond human power. But  others  may be  controllable  but  there  is  simply  no person  to do the  controlling because   all  are busy  demanding  their rights ,same as  everyone else. This is compounded by the love of money (not money per se) and materialism. What follows is people, many people make the deadly mistake of failing to see the importance of investing in Virtue and entrenching truth in their daily routine.  They in fact feel it’s a waste of time to develop good habits; all you need is Money period.

Small  wonder then that we have   the ruling  elites  all  over  the world , engaged in   brazen lies, and  corruption  while  at the same time telling the  people they  are working  hard to address  their concerns.  Then we are surprised when the people reject this leaders at the poll in favor of the alternative, any alternative available. To the people any alternative should be better than the status quo.

What  the  this  system may  need  is a severe shock  to  its  sense  of entitlement, privilege  and  pride.

Entitlement translates into,   “whatever your competencies, you do not want to compete with others”. You  do not  like  change  when even the season  changes, the  universe  is  changing; change is name of the  game!. To sustain the status quo, you rig the system so that any competition is cosmetic.

The system has  also   guaranteed privilege to  a few at the  top  who have  almost  zero  incentive  to  address  the  challenges  that majority  of  people  are  facing   in a  flawed  system. In fact  there is  every  reason to expect  pervasive  corruption  because  of  greed  and  ambition- things  that  when they  overwhelm the  human spirit  cannot  be  satisfied. Greed and ambition has no limits.

Then lastly  Pride  ruins  everything for it   means  the  leaders   have exaggerated and  high opinion of  themselves .All  else  come after me ,myself and I!!.And  so  they come to believe that  they  can and  should    manipulate  the masses  for their own  selfish  ends.

All these are vices that reduce productive forces    from reaching the optimum levels. In other word they cause stagnation, lower achievement and inhibit human ingenuity. And the unintended consequence of all this is   ‘Trust’ has becomes a truly a scarce commodity in the world.

A call  should  go out  to all, the people  and  the elites: put  aside  your  demand for  rights   and  apply  yourself  to your  duty   for the  welfare  of  the greatest  majority.




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