8Honours and disgraces in China

China  has  witnessed  economic   development  in the last few  years that has transformed  her from a basket case  to  the premier world economy and power  as at 2016.Therefore it worth asking,what  was  done  with excellence  to  obtain this outcome  in a relatively  short time of 25 years.

My  conjecture :this  may  be reduced  to  a bare minimum_ simple leadership  at the  helm of the    Communist  party.Obviously   what  we have here is    inflexible  discipline  in the  party with  unintended consequences

.Taking this as a given , its  no wonder  the party  produced  leaders  like Hu  Jintao    who was the paramount leader of China at a time when economic transformation was at  its  fastest.

Hu  jintao ideas   demonstrates  he was   leader  worth following. And the Chinese  followed him from the  year  2002  to  2012.According  to  him  there are  8  honors  and  disgraces  that  helped him measure the work,conduct and  attitudes  of  party officials.

  1. Love  of  country-Do no harm to  china
  2. Service to the citizens-never  betray people but serve them
  3. Science-drink  deeply from the river of  science ;throw out  through the nearest window ,ignorance and folk traditions  not backed  by   data
  4. Diligent- Work  hard and avoid indolence
  5. Unity-Help  fellow Chinese and make no gains  at the expense  of   each  other.
  6. Fidelity-be  honest and  trustworthy
  7. Rigid party  discipline-be  disciplined and  law abiding;do not be chaotic and lawless.
  8. Frugality-live plainly,work hard  and do not willow  in luxuries  and  pleasures.

By  any  standards  these  are good ideas  because they      can help  many   people form  habits and attitudes   that help  the economy  work  better. In such a situation what is  left is for  the leader  to  spell the vision .With  all  people behind the leader  pulling toward  a vision, its a matter  of when, not  if economic transformation can happen.Matter  of fact many pundits agree- this  is the China century.


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