The viosion 2030 and Services

Some people think Vision 2030 is baloney. Still others view it as, a cash cow    for for economic rent dealers. And   they  posit that  vested interest  with their pre-occupation with  short  sighted calculation will  bring  to  naught  this  initiatives. But I believe ,that  with a critical  number  of  efficient  and progressive  bureaucrats  like Dr Bitange Ndemo  and  Business people ,the  Vision is not out of  our  reach.  Regardless of  our previous  experiments with national  visions, the null  hypothesis  is unthinkable   because   as  the  old  saying  goes ,”where  there  is no vision a people, a nation ,a society  come  to grief. Besides  ,on the  views  of historians ,there no , I mean Zero, vision-less  country that  has  ever overcome  the clutches  of technological  backwardness and under-development.  So   unless     you  are  being edged  on by the imp  of  perverseness , you  should    not dismiss it and  prefer  economic  retardation  .So  whatever  lenses  you use  to  look out as each day unfolds   before  your  very  eyes  ,you  ought to  consider  vision 2030  among the  top  tier  Assets of Kenya.
What are the pitfalls to avoid? President Kibaki’s half  a century in national Politics appear  to point at focus  and  determination to  reach  the  goal and not  let distraction and  diversions slow  or stop  the  forward march  . But, perhaps there   is   one thing that has escaped your full attention, until, now.  That’s  the  service  sector  that include,inter alia tourism ,social  services  like sports  and  education, and  personal  services  like Barber and  salons shops as well as medical  practice. You people must pay close attention to it because it where the lion’s share of growth and job creation will come from. Agriculture and manufacturing will initially be the engine of growth. But  once the county  take  off ,more of this expansion of national  income will come  from the  service  sector. There is no necessity of re-inventing the computer micro-chip here; this is what has been observed in USA, japans, and lately in South Korea and Singapore.
Those  whose stock in  trade  ,whether in government Or in  private  sector  is  service , must deliver excellence standardized  product , not  that  it’s  a  cake  walk, but because it’s  hard ! .Service is difficult   to grasp  and  standardize because of it’s inherent traits. For     example you can touch service and the there is simultaneous production and consumption of the output. Again service  providers  cannot  stock pile excess  service for a time  when there  is   demand  for it.An empty seat  in Passenger  service vehicle  is  lost  and  cannot  recovered  once  the journey is  over.
These  are  some  of service  parameter  that service provider  must  grapple with and control    if they are to   be ready  ,able  and prepared for the burden  of progress  that will be thrust upon  their  shoulders .If this  does  not happen  and the instead  the  “Jua Kali “  approach  to  service is  entrenched ,then the   output of the  sector will  seriously frustrate  the  consolidation of double digit  growth  that is envisaged. Bad service will hurt and cost the economy big time. Yet in  other  part of the  globe  the service  sector will  continue  to  contribute  more than seventy percent of  GDD  growth  and  employment.
 Customers both local and international will not be amused by Hotels more famous for bad food and atmosphere, Health facilities service mentioned more because of botched surgery and long winding queues of patients and Tourism   notorious for a cabal of indolent and clueless staff. It not hard to extrapolate the outcome. These services will be outsourcing by new money elsewhere and the gains will possibly evaporate.
The thrust then is start now to cultivate culture of excellence service. If  your  company  provide  cleaning  service  to our  international airports , then for  heaven sake   ,clean the ablution  in a  way  that will make top over travelers   notice, that here lives a real  cleaning outfit that if first rate in  the whole world  as  far as its job and duty goes. In short find great satisfaction in being the best in whatever service you render to the country.
Any outfit that renders services should espouse this zero defect service tenet. Only then could we avoid turbulence in air after our economic take off

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