Top dog

Many people are not clear what they want .But if clarity of thought eludes you yet what you  are wistful  about  is to be top dog when grow up,Euler Nyatwanjo has a few words for you and your ilk.Actually one advise ,but more on that, latter. However fellow earthling ,take it from me that the life of a top dog can be as wretched as that of rustler.This  is  more so if  the accumulation of  objects  of solace  was and still  is  not  in tandem   with  psychosocial  and  even spiritual  accumulation.The result  –  a lot  of  insecurities  and  vainglory that can   only mean a  train-wreck is  waiting to  happen.In other words    staying  on top of the game  is  not  easy.So enjoy the journey as you climb the dizzying heights.

Now  back  to  Nyatwanjo.He intimated to me with the air of one who does  not give advise easily and with out careful reflection that although the  integer one-yea you are right one-is  not  mathematicaly  significant  like    pi  or    even  e,but  in  matters  top dog  its    of  practical  significance.You  got  to get  your act together  and  be  one  in  deed  and  action.That mean, the    indolence you  look down upon in public  must  also  reflected  in your  private thoughts  where  there is  no  prying  eyes.That way  ,you  be come  what you  could be and are what you  are,   in line  with your accumulation of  power and  wealth.With  this  kind  of  integrity     there  is  ,   in  all  probability  , a  high chance that  you mighty turn out to be  a  true top  Dog  with  trans-generational   prospects.


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